Saturday, April 16, 2011

Party’s Over

But the mess is still here!

And as long as my baby boy is falling asleep in my arms, I thought I’d share these pictures with my sweet friends.

Sarah's party 034 

There are four candles on that cake! Four!

Sarah's party 027

I started learning to decorate cakes when Mary was turning one. I’m getting better at it! I guess I should be, though. We did the math tonight and figured out that I have hosted 18 birthday parties for my littles!

Sarah's party 009

I like this cake. It was strawberry cake, layered with white cake. Yum!

Sarah's party 002

And the little cupcakes were a hit with the little girls.

Sarah's party 004

I have a feeling the butterfly decor will be migrating to the girl’s room.

The party was a smashing success, with 14 little ones running around my house! Poor things… I don’t plan party games or even send home goodie bags. What you see is what they got! But, they were happy, my Sarah was thrilled, and I am procrastinating on the clean-up!

The dirty dishes await. ;)


  1. The cake looks great! I want to learn how to make pretty cakes like that. You should give lessons in your spare time;)

  2. The cake was beatiful and the kiddos seemed to have a great time without party games and party favors! They would just be "slowed" down with them!

  3. The cake is beautiful and the cupcakes look delicious! Sounds like it was a wonderful party. I miss the little girl parties. Treasure every moment. They will be tweens/teens before you know it!

  4. Well, you're still more crafty than me! I usually end up making an oatmeal cake, or carrot cake (by request mind you.. I've encouraged weird appetites in my girls..!), plain frosting, and if my 9yo tapes streamers to the ceiling fan, well, that's the decor. :D No goodie bags here either, but sometimes guests enjoy gathering eggs or chasing chickens. :)


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