Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today, I’m thankful that…

~Tummy bugs don’t last very long.

~Ibuprofen is a wonderful thing.

~Old ice cream buckets make great barf bags.

~I have a washing machine that holds many sheets.

~My wonderful husband allowed me to sleep last night and spared me from the gag-creating job of cleaning carpet vomit.  Bleh.

Four out of six family members have made it through the virus.  That leaves me and little Sarah.  Pray that we’ll somehow be spared.  I have too many fun things to do to get sick!

Take care, everyone.  Oh, and please share your blessing here in the comments.  It sure brightens my day, and I need all the smiles I can get!


  1. I hope you all get well soon. No tummy bugs for Katies party :( Jenna

  2. My blessing is that I weatherd my heart attack and am back at work. Not as much strenth or stamina but back. God is good and sooooo gracious. He is my strength and yours as well!!

  3. I also realized that a messy house is sometimes a blessing, there could be no one in my life to mess it up and I realize that LIFE is a blessing in and of itself. You and your family are soooo blessed to have each other. Take advantage of every minute you have. I realize how close I cam to having no more minutes.


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