Friday, April 15, 2011


finding beauty 

That corn crib in the background….

That was a favorite play place for me when I was growing up.

Like those fancy playhouses in subdivision backyards, only without so much fancy.

But, I had an old broom to sweep away the spiders and dust,

A couple of old crates and boards to use as tables and chairs.

And one very, very big imagination.

Corn cribs and barns are quickly becoming relics of the past, much to my sadness.

They are structures whose current use and value doesn’t always justify the cost of repair,

Being quickly replaced by cold, metal buildings (like the one we recently built).

I mourn the loss of the old barns, with their huge beams…

The smell of straw, and hay, and feed.

The way the sunlight streams in thought the cracks and catches the dust floating through the air.

The momma cat, sheltering her new kittens up in the barn loft.

Family folks working together to stack the square bales in the heat of summer.

The sound of the rain hitting the metal roof.

As I drove home the other day, I paid special attention to the barns along the way.

Each with special stories. Each with an old beauty of their own.

It isn’t just the barns that are fading away,

But also a very wonderful way of life. An old way.

And I wonder what the future will bring.




  1. So well written and so true. I am so glad that I am not the only one that wonders about the history of old homes, barns and buildings. I would have loved to have a glimpse into how life was when those structures were new. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've had similar thoughts. Old building are cool.

  3. This is gonna sound a little weird, considering we have never "met", but I thought of you last week. My husband and I went to look at a property with a historical home on it. It was beautiful, original wood floors and fireplaces throughout. THey even had a barn built by the Shakers. ANyway, I looked at my husband and said"Fatima would LOVE this place". He was like, "Fa-who???" i forgot he doesn't "know" you! I too grew up playing in our corn crib. Did you have a big, metal calf water trough that you used as a pool?? Cause we did.

  4. Sarah, YES! We did have a metal tough to swim in! I still remember how excited I was when I got to hop in. But then, I liked playing in the water any chance I got. My favorite place for water play was the spring where we went for drinking water. The rocks were so cold and covered in thick, soft moss. Least favorite swimming hole was the pond. Have you ever seen how big snapping turtles can get?! Imagine swimming in muddy water with one of those... But I've done it, plenty! ;)
    And, did you buy the house? :)

  5. You know you have the makings of a book with this post, don't you?! Fantastic!

    Thank you for sharing and joining Post Of The Month Club! XOL

  6. Calling by from Post of The Month Club, the joy of nature, great prose.


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