Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mushroom Hunting!

We took a few hours to go to one of my favorite places, today.

mushroom hunt 064

My mom and step-dad’s farm.

mushroom hunt 030

This cute little mushroom was NOT what we were looking for…

mushroom hunt 031

But this trillium caught our eye and we just had to stop and take a closer look.

mushroom hunt 032

The may apples were a good sign that we were looking in the right place.

mushroom hunt 033 

And, well… This log just struck my fancy. I loved the textures of the peeling bark.

mushroom hunt 034

When you’re looking for teeny, tiny mushrooms, you see teeny tiny flowers like this one.

mushroom hunt 035

And suddenly, you see it! The first mushroom!

mushroom hunt 041

But don’t move! Look around first, ‘cause there’s bound to be more!

mushroom hunt 044

I guess if you stand on a log, you don’t have to worry about stepping on a mushroom.

mushroom hunt 047

Once you start finding them, it’s awfully hard to stop.

mushroom hunt 039

See it?

mushroom hunt 057

And while you’re taking the time to do some looking, you start seeing all kinds of wonderful, amazing things.

mushroom hunt 070

Great beauty in the everyday, simple things.

We went hunting for mushrooms but found so much more.


  1. Oh, so beautiful! I don't care for mushrooms (are those morels?), but what a lovely place! Glad you're week is a mellow one so far! :)

  2. Where do you live? It looks so warm!

  3. we will be over for supper....let us know when the mushrooms are ready!

  4. so very cool! what a great nature walk.


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