Saturday, March 19, 2011

Easy Breezy Purse

I enjoyed Thursday night very much. Eric was out in the garage taking the rear brakes on his truck apart and the kids were sleeping in their beds. Well, actually the boys were sleeping on their floor. Don’t ask me why, ‘cause I don’t know. Anyway, with everyone happy, what’s a girl to do?

I fixed a cup of tea and headed to my neglected sewing room. I’d like to tell you that I cleaned it up and made it serviceable. The would be a lie. Actually, I moved everything off the old desk I use for sewing and called it good. Don’t judge me. ;)

I cranked up some good music and got to cutting and sewing. This is what I ended up with.

purse 001

The pattern and materials came from my favorite fabric store, Holly Hock. I had been looking forward to putting this together for weeks.

purse 011 purse 006

It has nice pockets for my sunglasses and my phone. I love how the straps tie on to these nifty grommets.

purse 010


It’s so much fun learning to sew. I have lots left to learn, but with each project it gets a little easier and a lot prettier! This purse was very easy, and I finished it in one night. I learned to make straps in a new way and I had a lot of fun making pockets. The grommets were intimidating, but actually very simple to put into the fabric.



It’s so nice to find a few hours of free time.

**Find a link to the pattern and check out what I made from my fabric scraps at this post.


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  1. You whipped that up in one night? I'm so impressed. Beautiful colours, a perfect match for that spring sunshine I can see shining on your garden through the window!

  2. Yeah Sarah, I got it done in one night, as it was a very easy pattern. Just don't look at that terribly dirty window. ;) I probably should have been cleaning that instead of playing with fabric. :P Playing with fabric is much more fun, though.

  3. This purse is beautiful!!!

  4. Very pretty.....I love your creativity

  5. Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed carrying my new purse to church on Sunday. I have fabric to make another, so I'm hoping to put that together soon. Not sure why I need two, but it was so much fun that I want to make another!

  6. I wanna make one! Can you pass along the pattern co. and #?

    Great job!

  7. Nice!! I don't believe you are a beginner sewer!

  8. I'm not a beginner, really. I've been piddling around with sewing for years. Mostly, I've made quilts. I'm learning to follow patterns, now. I feel like there is so much left to learn! I made Easter dresses for my girls a few years ago, and boy have I learned a lot since then! In the grand scheme I'm a beginner, or at least a slow learner! ;)

  9. That is so cute. I love the fabrics you used.


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