Friday, February 4, 2011

Saturday School Show and Tell

~Link up or share your favorite lessons this week!


When I envisioned home-schooling my children, I pictured desks and worksheets.  Now, lets be honest…  There are worksheets.  We even have desks.  And yes, I do keep attendance. 

Though math worksheets and handwriting do make up a part of our school day, that isn’t all we do and it certainly isn’t the most important and wonderful part of our days.


Practice is what you get from worksheets.  Learning comes from experiences. 

We are rich in experiences.

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 100_7775  100_7597

 100_7667 100_7532 

And I only got through September when I was pulling these photos…

This is the hard part of the year.  It’s February.  It’s cold.  Momma is tired.  Momma wants her kids to be able to go outside and play in the yard without bundling them up so much that they can’t fit down the slide. 

For classroom teachers, February is the longest month of the year, no matter what the calendar says.  Too many days with indoor recess makes teachers cranky.  C’mon.  Admit it. 

So, that’s why we are here.  Saturday School.  Hope you’ll join in the show-and-tell linky party today.  Share your touching stories.  Contribute your great lesson ideas.  Tell us about the miserable flop of a lesson that disappointed you.  Tell us about a field trip that really touched the kids.  Tell us about a lesson you learned years ago that will never be forgotten.  Tell about that tough as nails teacher that made you work hard and taught you more than any other.  Whatever.  Just share. 

You may post a link to a specific education related post on your blog.  If you don’t blog, leave a comment to share your story.  But share.  Inspire us.  Commiserate with us.  Make us laugh.  Make us cry.  And by all means, help us get through February with our sanity!

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  1. I hope our February beach pictures don't make you too crazy for sunshine. Hang in there... spring's on it's way where you live!

    By the way, I love your Great-Grandpa post...

  2. Thank you for inviting me to link! I found an earlier post - hope that's ok!

    I'm grateful for your comments, and I;ll try to leave more of them for you too! :)

  3. When my students are placed in my room on the first day of school each year I tell them, "You are now a part of my life and I am a part of yours". It is a beautiful way to begin our educational adventure together.

    I received a text yesterday from a former student that said "I got the lead in the school play at Scribner, you ARE coming to see me right?" :) How proud am I of my Gracie. She then also wrote "Thanks for having us do the plays in your classroom or I wouldn't have ever thought to do this". I get a message, note or card about once a month from one of my dears who are out conquering the world. And the things that they remember as their favorite part of their time with me always cracks me up. I am the luckiest!

  4. Thanks for the invite! It would be distinct pleasure and sincere honour to share...

  5. I tried twice to get this to link but it wouldn't work :(, it very well could be I'm doing it worng!! I'm just gonna stick the link in here

    This was a month long study on penguins and we really enjoyed it!! Trinity looked forward to it everyday and learned lots too!

  6. thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting! I linked up the canvas idea :) I don't homeschool my kids (well, I don't have any kids but I plan to when I have them :) but I work with kids a lot so I'll be back to link up :)

  7. Thanks for the invite, I hope this post will suffice?

  8. I hear you about February being the longest month! Hopefully by filling it with fun activities it will fly by!

    I linked up like you suggested and will be following along! Its been nice to 'meet' you!

  9. Thanks for the invite! I'd love to share :)

  10. Fatima, so sorry I missed this, but I am posting one today! We had a BUSY day yesterday. I am really looking forward to all these great ideas

  11. Fatima,
    Thanks for coming to my blog and inviting me're gonna have to come back and link up for my little linky party. It was my first and it went well enough for me!

    This is still up for the rest of the day!


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