Friday, September 23, 2011


I’m back from my “fishing trip.”

Dan at the Pond

Well, maybe…

I’d like to say it’s been a nice break. In truth, September has not been my favorite month of the year. Some days, it’s hard being a grown-up.

It’s hard to look past the aggravation of the mildew in the basement. I’ve been fighting it for quite a while, wondering why all my cleaning seems to be futile. Finally, I admitted defeat. We started ripping out the carpet. We found a pristine and dry floor underneath. Confusion. And then, we moved the set of cabinets that serve as my homeschool and craft storage. Eww… The mildew epicenter. Underneath the cabinet and where the cabinet touches the wall was full of mildew disgust. Needless to say, cabinets have gone to the barn to either rot or be cleaned and painted with some Kilz. Carpet is gone. Much bleach has been used. Again, and again… I can now go into my own basement without getting a terrible headache. I’m liking it.

We’re also fighting another battle. A traffic one. My poor honey. He’s been getting up early to beat the rush getting to work. We are not, and I repeat, NOT morning people. Far from it. However, leaving the house at five means a one hour commute to make the normally 45 minute trip. Leaving any later means a commute that can take two and a half hours, each way. I don’t know when this insanity will end and our roads will be open again. In the meantime, I’m finding that five o’clock does happen twice a day.

And Mr. Sam… He had another fall. Another trip to the emergency room. And I have more silver in my hair. This kid’s gonna have to get a helmet. He’s fine and healing nicely. A little trivia for you… That connecting thingy that goes between your top lip and your gums will reattach on it’s own when certain accident prone children manage to tear it… But it looks horribly scary.

I feel bogged down by all this. I’ve been eating lots of chocolate. It’s a good thing I take lots of pictures. Looking back at the September photos, I can see beyond the overwhelming stuff. Despite the crud we’ve been through, we’ve managed a lot of joy…

Mary 030

A certain little boy lost his first tooth. A momentous occasion which brought great joy. He had been racing with his big sister to lose his tooth before she lost her loose tooth. But in a moment of frustration, she pulled her very loose tooth and got the thing over with. He was crushed. Totally crushed. It’s not fair to pull the tooth… So I told him that it wasn’t too late to call it a tie. He tried his best to pull that wiggly tooth, but it hurt. So he asked his big sis to do the job. And, she did. Without remorse on either side. Just joy and a bit of blood. Ah, siblings.

 Mary 045

And speaking of big sis… She’s found a confidence and joy that shows in this picture. She’s become a little lady all of a sudden and she’s growing up too fast for her momma. Can’t stop time, but September will be the month I mark when my eldest went from being a little girl to being “half-grown.”

ginger 003 ginger 013

ginger 007

ginger 017 ginger 010

ginger 026

And then there’s this cute little ball of fluff.
Ginger is adorable and the kids can hardly wait to bring her home in October.

Ah, October…. Please be nice to us.


And thanks y’all….
for the break…
for the encouragement…
and for stopping by. I missed ya’.


  1. i missed you too!!! October WILL be better!

  2. Glad you are back. October's bound to be better; the mildew is gone :)

  3. Prayers for a better October! Things are bound to be better soon! But throughout the pics the kids still look happy and "together".....Love To all of you!

  4. I'm glad for us to reconnect...

    I love how you said looking at the pictures made you see the joy despite all the difficulties... :)

  5. Organique (my 3rd) always seemed to have oddly-formed connective tissue at the upper lip.. Like it was too low, or two tight, and you could barely brush her teeth. Then a while back she took a face-plant somewhere, and rearranged it nicely. Blood and tears, but now it's 'normal.' :]

  6. Whew! I hope you've been able to draw a big fat line under September, and that October is behaving itself much better. That puppy is too cute!


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