Friday, February 4, 2011

This Week in Our Little Home-school

Sometimes the best lessons just happen. 

Sometimes, they just happen to be an 87 year old, great-grandfather who just drove a long way for a visit. 

grandpa tuck 034

Oh, how we have missed him since he ran off and got married a few years ago, moving out of state.  :)

grandpa tuck 029

We love his hugs.

grandpa tuck 021

Best of all, we love to hear his stories.  I think Danny was asking for a story about roosters in this picture.  We’ve been having a hard time with our rooster, Mr. Bugle, here lately.  Once the rooster story was told, a story about the apples Great-Grandpa wasn’t supposed to pick followed.  By the way, Grandpa and his brother ate the apples right off the tree so they wouldn’t get into any trouble for picking them.  Left the cores hanging there as proof of their innocence.  I do believe I can still see a bit of mischief in those eyes…

It was a wonderful night of learning, and not a worksheet in sight.

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  1. This is wonderful Fatima!! Meaningful, memorable, relevant...exactly how learning should happen :).


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