Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Busy Bee

My littlest little turns two this week.  Imagine much mommy weeping right about now.  So sad to see this baby part of my life coming to an end (I can’t have more little ones for medical reasons).  Today, he surprised me by going to the bathroom, taking off his diaper and taking care of his business all by himself.  I’m so proud, yet not quite ready for him to grow up.  No slowing down time, is there?

I wish I could slow it down a little bit this week, though. I have a party to plan.  Yeah, that’s right.  Plan.  Um, could be that I procrastinated a bit on this one.  Maybe ‘cause I don’t really want him to grow up.  Maybe ‘cause I was lazy.  Anyway…

Gonna be a busy week.  As in crazy busy. 

Weeks like this make me need a great big toolbox of ideas for keeping them busy.  Considering the floor under our toilet is giving way (the toilet is rocking, people, and I imagine we’ll fix it ourselves), and the garden will need to be planted before long, and there is a pile of laundry a mile high in the basement…  Well, lets just say I need some help.

I need good ideas for working with little ones underfoot.  So, I’m going to ask for help.  HELP!!!!

Seriously. Help. Please.

Would you be willing to share your ideas with me?  You can post ideas in the comments section or link up a post you have already written about keeping the littles busy.  Or write a post, just for me. Maybe I’ll even get around to writing a post of my own with ideas for keeping the littles busy and out of trouble. 

Gotta go.  I have a house to clean, laundry to fold, a cake to bake, balloons to blow up, and gifts to wrap.  I’ll be checking back here, though.  I’m needing those new ideas. I can’t wait to hear from you. 


  1. I am commenting so that I will get to see all the ideas. I need some bably. My oldest turns 6 on Sunday and my baby is just weeks away from walking...WAHHHHHHHHH

  2. Oh my.. Fur-lined, ROCKING toilet seats. :)

    If you're planting a garden, you're not in my cold zone. :) I'm not sure if my ideas are reasonable for your situation/s or not... you decide!

    Playdough can be made easily and can keep kids busy awhile. Best used outdoors so cleanup is easier. You can make edible playdough if any allergies aren't an issue. This can sometimes keep them busy AND not begging for lunch if you're tied up with a big project! A big roll of freezer paper can be fun.. the back is waxy, kinda, so you can put a bunch out on the floor or porch and let the kids paint, or trace their bodies, or (if you're really brave) make hand/footprints with paint. Digging in the dirt or planting their own little sunflower patch can be fun garden work, and having them 'work' with you is always good if you can manage it. Have them haul this and that, remove things to the garbage, etc.

    Good luck!

  3. My kids love to play with play-doh. I don't like to clean up play-doh. It is a special treat for them to get to use the play-doh and they will spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and sometimes more when I let them get it out. I also ask my older kids to help with the younger ones sometimes, just keeping them busy, reading, building blocks or legos together so I can work on something that I need to do. The other thing that I do is try to get up about 30 minutes earlier than the kids usually do. Then I have 30 minutes to focus on something that I need to complete. I just try to make sure that it is not noisy enough to disturb them. Another idea is to have them help you. Work together so they can do things they are capable of while you work on something they can't do in the same room or area.

  4. @EllaJac... Not planting yet, but preparing. Adding a fence this year (hopefully) and cleaning out my raised bed for some spinach. i found an old window that I want to put over it to make a mini-greenhouse.
    And yes, ladies, play-doh is terrific! We use it lots. Have you ever given your kiddos some play-doh and a bowl of twisty-curly dried pasta at the same time? That's some fun creating!
    And, I'm betting the gardening won't be so hard now that Sam is big enough to play in the dirt with a tractor. He's such a wanderer, so I have to keep him busy or I'll find him in the neighbor's horse pasture!;)

  5. Happy Birthday to your lil' lovie! I know what you mean - I'm never ready for them to grow up EVER! :)

    I don't have a post up, but our seasonal sensory bin keeps our lovies very busy, for very long stretches of time. Sometimes I have to check on them because its been so long! :) I hope that helps?

  6. Hmm let's see...

    We like to camp indoors. Setting up the tent and letting the kids play in it usually give me a couple of hours. Set them up with sleeping bags flashlight and you are set for a couple of hours. This can also be done with couch cushions and some sheets as well.

    What about putting on some music and giving them dress up clothes? My kids will put on shows for themselves.

    Sometimes when I am feeling brave I will fill the sink with water and let the kids "wash" their dishes that the use for tea parties. There is a mess to clean up afterwards but it is just water.

    I used masking tape one day and "drew" a road on the floor then provided a tub of cars dolls and even gave them some construction paper to make trees and such for the walls to create a city. That was one of their favorites.


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