Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for…

A girl’s night out with some friends from college.

Sitting around a restaurant table chatting and laughing.

Sharing the joys, pains and frustrations of life…

Helping each other carry those things.

Friendships that last through the years.

LITP, my sweet Phi Sig Sisters.



Way back when….


  1. Ditto!! That picture seems like a life time ago!! Love you girl!

  2. Happy New Year Fatima!
    I just popped in to invite you over to my first ever Blog Hop! As a newcomer to the blogging world I am interested to see all of my favorite bloggers first attempts at blogging ;)
    So if you have a moment stop on over and link up one of your first posts ever.
    Thanks Tish
    ps: I like the new layout changes you have made.

  3. well I didn't make it in that picture.....but I am so glad to know you. I have learned so much from you. You and your family are great!

  4. Aww! Kerry... Thanks for being so sweet to me! Sorry I didn't get a picture with you in it! I grabbed this one off of facebook because I was too lazy to scan one of my pictures in... Sadly, we pre-date digital cameras. ;) I'm so glad some other nice sister did that work for me!


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