Monday, October 8, 2012


So very hard to slow down, I found myself parked on the comfy chair with some embroidery last Saturday. Allergies kicking, I was too dizzy for my usual busy bee routine. So, I sat. I sipped hot tea. I finally finished the embroidered pillowcases I started a year and a half ago...

I rested.

It's hard to rest when you are the momma. The laundry doesn't stop, and the bathrooms don't clean themselves. Folks just have to eat...

Today, I rested again... Just in a different way.

A hissing tire with a screw sticking out... Warning light lit on the dashboard...

Sidelined from the busy by a flat tire.

Happily, it all happened in front of a favorite country store where they sell bulk baking goods, lunch meats and cheeses, and candy. A store with a wide front porch and a rocker that was just made for a gal like me...

YooHoos all around, the kids parked it on a bench while I called my handsome honey to come rescue me. He has to do that a lot...

He was riding with our youngest in the combine with my baby (bigger than me) brother. Knowing it would be a while, I told the kids we'd just have to enjoy the break. They looked at me like I had two heads.

They paced and kept going to the car to check and see if the tire was still leaking air. Inconvenienced. Frustrated.

I rocked and watched the old pick up trucks driving by. Strangers offered help. Folks I know called me to offer to help after I joked on Facebook about being stranded at my favorite store. One relative just jumped in his truck with his two girls and came to help.

My knight made it, my Sammy asleep in the car seat beside him.

Men folks got busy. I got out my camera...

My big boy helped change his first tire. He says there's no need to call Daddy next time. He's got it under control.

Inconvenience became a blessing.

A flat tire, an opportunity to rest in the love of others.

And I rested. Unhurried and feeling utterly loved by the folks who helped or offered hands. Resting in the love of family and community, glimpsing a reflection of a greater Love.



  1. great outlook. we all need to slow down and appreciate things

  2. You so have it all together! Watch out for Danny practicing by changing tires at home.


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