Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Homeschool Hiatus

Thirty days down, One hundred and fifty to go… Sounds a little daunting.

Nevertheless, we are taking today off. My darlings are tired. They need a break. They are wearing their jammies. They are chilling in the family room, watching Homeward Bound. I have no agenda today.

And yet….

The egg cartons have come out of the storage room.

egg fun 101

And my oldest two are building pyramids.

And then, our good friend Math showed up.

The egg cartons are fewer in number these days. The pyramids aren’t quite so big.

So they started with a base of 10 or so…

But they ran out of egg cartons before they reached the top of the pyramid.

So, they tried a base of 9. Not quite…

And a base of 8….

Until finally, they found the magic number and configuration of cartons to create a perfect pyramid.

Um. Yeah. Math happened here today.

A little un-intended schooling. So, does that count?

Happily enjoying a Homeschool Hiatus.

Happy homeschooling…


  1. YES IT COUNTS!!! and i love homeward bound

  2. Why not? Have them draw a picture of their pyramid project and maybe even write a couple of sentences about it, then send them outside to run and play and you've completed a day of school.

  3. I never thought of saving egg cartons for this purpose. What a fun idea! Thanks for the inspiration. I am a new follower from the Link and Learn. Vicky from www.messforless.net


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