Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Egg-cellent Idea

Remember those really cool building blocks in kindergarten? You know… The great big cardboard blocks that look like bricks… I loved those. I really did.

And then, while looking through my Aunt Paula’s old photo albums on a recent visit, I saw the best building block idea!

Egg cartons.

And it just happened, my mom had been saving egg cartons for me to keep our fresh eggs in when we give them away. I had a stack about 2 feet tall!

egg carton fun 005

The kids were a bit skeptical about my idea for “big fun.” Um, mom… These are egg cartons…

egg carton fun 006

And then, I showed them this.

egg carton fun 015

And the fun began.

egg carton fun 026

A great pyramid.

egg carton fun 034

A doll bed.

egg carton fun 047

A tower.
Also, serious motor skill development for my two year old…

egg carton fun 036

Cooperative play, brothers are the best friends!

egg carton fun 057

Some realistic play. A fully stocked kid-fridge!

egg carton fun 061

Demolition time was fun, with this amazing wrecking ball!

egg carton fun 054

Have fun…. Every day!


  1. I knew it; my kids are more destructive than the average child. *sigh* My fault perhaps, but seriously, had I turned my kids loose with those, they wouldn't have been usable in an hour... We have a ton of cardboard ones, and they do use (and destroy) a few occasionally, but no styrofoam ones. Love all the pics of such fun!

  2. I'm going to have to start saving egg cartons! What a great idea!


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