Sunday, August 7, 2011

Terrific Toy Story Party

Now that Mary’s party is done, I get to share pictures from the party my sis-in-love threw for my niece.

She puts together parties that are lovely and amazing. I know you’re gonna enjoy this!

Jaidyn's Party, Pics of the Boys 016 

Seemed wrong to cut into such an amazing cake! Amazing…

Jaidyn's Party, Pics of the Boys 013

She used marshmallows (cut in half) for the tops of the hats. Adorable…

Jaidyn's Party, Pics of the Boys 014

These star shaped cookies turned into perfect sheriff badges when she added those sweet little candies to the points. Yum…

Jaidyn's Party, Pics of the Boys 018

Gummy worm snakes…

Jaidyn's Party, Pics of the Boys 019

And lunch fit for any cowboy!

Jaidyn's Party, Pics of the Boys 001

What a lovely time!


  1. So cute! I love the snake in a boot.

  2. What fun. I love the stick horse parking.

  3. Wow! This and your watermelon party post have me just feeling COMPLETELY like the worst mom ever. :] My kids get a cake, and sometimes guests. :) No themes (unless you count gluten- and dairy-free for one of them), no favors, and decor is whatever the Big Sister decides to do (streamers on the ceiling fan?). Games tend to be: petting calves, catching chickens, climbing the apricot tree... all summer birthdays here. :) Maybe I'll become amazing someday... but I kindof doubt it. :P

    You are amazing!! And your sis-in-love!

  4. Your party is amazing!! Im just curious is to where you found the labels ??


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