Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ready, Set, Back to Home-School

Ready or not… It’s time to start back to school. Summer goes by too fast for us homeschoolers, too.

The beginning of the year is the easy part. I’ve had all summer to plan and get supplies ready. The new school books are still fresh and crisp, little names printed on the front so carefully. The desks are cleaned out, the trash can is empty, the pencils are sharp.

Last year’s classroom

I’ve worked so hard to give my kids the best I have.

This amazing excitement and momentum is hard to keep going as the year goes by and the list of undone chores grows. It’s too easy to let things slide as the year goes by.

I need cheerleaders. I bet all teachers feel this way.

So what do you say we encourage each other?

Our first Saturday School Show and Tell is this coming Saturday. I hope you’ll link up a post showing your learning space, organization, or time/money saving school ideas.

And as the year goes by, I hope we can keep sharing with each other. It will be so nice visiting blogs to see great ideas and find inspiration. It will also be wonderful to have friends here to help when we get stumped or stuck in a rut.

Know a great educator, public, private, preschool, or home? Hope you’ll invite them to the linky party.

Don’t have a blog? Get one! It’s fun, easy, and free. Hope you’ll join the party this Saturday!  See you there!


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  1. can't wait! I am gonna try and post a link to the FB page, so we will see if it works!


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