Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wonderful Watermelon Party

My little girl just turned eight. Eight. As in, no longer required by our state to ride in a car seat, eight. As in, now being marketed to as a “pre-teen,” eight. Eight.

Thank goodness, she’s still happy to be a little girl.

For this year’s birthday party, she asked to have a watermelon theme.  Can do.

So, we had a watermelon cake…

mara cake

And a watermelon roll relay race…


And a watermelon eating contest…


And seed-spittin’ contests…

mary's 8th birthday 066

And, of course…

a watermelon

j's watermelon


It was such a good time. Thanks to all the family and friends who chose to spend their day with us. Thank you, so much!


  1. We just got done doing corn.....but we are sooo glad we took a few hours to come and celebrate with everyone....Hope her birthday was wonderful!

  2. You are so creative:) I think you have a career in party planning waiting for you when your kids are older. I would hire you to plan my kids parties:)


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