Friday, August 26, 2011

Show and Tell

This is how we learn…

I’ve wanted to take the kids on this field trip for quite some time.

The falls of the ohio 004

The Falls of the Ohio state park is amazing. These fossil beds are exposed much of the year, allowing visitors to hike, explore, touch, and even pick up the many fossil rocks in the park (just don’t take ‘em with you, okay?).

The falls of the ohio 019

The falls is located on the Ohio River, near a railroad bridge and just a short distance from the city. That’s Louisville, Kentucky that you see in the background.

The falls of the ohio 010

It’s hard walking down into the river bed. I brought handsome honey along and I’m so glad I did. No way could I have managed this fieldtrip alone.

The falls of the ohio 012

The fossils are amazing and the place is rich in history that goes back to the buffalo trace and Lewis and Clark.

The falls of the ohio 054

I guess that’s them…. I shot this photo from the moving car on our way out!

The falls of the ohio 026

The kids enjoyed exploring and hopping across the shallow puddles of water in search of really cool islands.

The falls of the ohio 032

They also had fun creating a bridge using an old piece of wood that had drifted up onto the fossil beds.

The falls of the ohio 043

It doesn’t take long to get hot when walking in the river bed, but the interpretive center is cool (as in air-conditioned) and full of interesting exhibits.

The falls of the ohio 040

And this, is how our family learns.

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  1. thanks for telling me about this place! I had no idea it existed. We will have to make a trip there. My son loves fossils.


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