Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lawn Chairs, Good Food, Great Friends

The best part of a pig roast… Well, I think it’s the fun we have with friends and family.

two kids in a stock tank 

Little Glenn is one of Danny’s best friends. Which is nice, ‘cause his momma, Amy, is one of my best friends. And Amy’s mom and dad are very good friends of my mom and step-dad. And Amy’s grandma and grandpa were friends with my great-grandparents and used to help care for my grandmother. So that’s at least five generations of friends… How amazing!

Though the adults had fun holding down some lawn chairs and playing games, it was the kids that really made the weekend fun.

wagon ride

The kids enjoyed wagon rides behind the four-wheeler.

sarah monkey mary on the swing

They were cute little monkeys on the playground.

 Sarah's cricket

They found amazing bugs. In this photo, Sarah is holding a huge cricket.

Sam making smoked sausage and macanoni and cheese Sam at play

And Sam made “smoked sausage and macanoni and cheeses.”

bring out the water balloons!

And then, they gave the kids some water balloons!

Water fight

And the children ganged up on this poor unsuspecting fellow.

Splash 1

Much to the delight of Miss Mary, he did get even. Oh, my, did he get even.

splash 4 splash 2 Splash 3

But my girl didn’t give up…

Uh, oh 1

She thought she’d get him back with this little bucket of water. But he was ready for her…

Uh, oh 2

Oh, no! I’ll just throw the whole bucket!

Uh, oh 3

Uh, oh! Run!

Uh, oh 4  

One seriously soggy girl. One totally unforgettable memory for everyone.

What are they doing

Poor Sam just couldn’t figure out what on earth was going on.

fireworks 2 fireworks 1

Somehow, we managed to get the kids dry, just in time for the fireworks.

smiling sarah

Here’s hoping your Fourth of July was as memory filled as ours was.


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  1. What a fun day! That evening light is so warm and lovely. I love that pipe cleaner necklace. My daughter would love to make one of those. I think we'll try it this week!

  2. we had a water balloon fight with friends too!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful pictures that you have posted of our celebration and we are all glad that you and your family was able to be here to celebrate with us and make it just that much more special!

  4. How fun! Love all the pigtails. And I'll take a bowl of that macaroni and cheeses. =>

  5. Oh, this looks like the perfect 4th of July - what childhood days are made of! Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club :) XoLaura

  6. What an awesome time, had by all...I love the "holding down lawn chairs" part...and, of course, the generations of friends.


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