Monday, July 4, 2011

Pig Roast

Some celebrations, you just don’t miss….

good food

The annual pig roast at my best friend’s house is one of them. It’s a weekend of camping, bonfires, sitting in lawn chairs, visiting with friends, watching the children wear themselves out, and eating great food.

This year, we went early enough to see the roasting of the pig.

4th of july 026 

They are serious about roasting the pig. They built this rather perfect pit by dry-stacking some concrete blocks.

4th of july 045

Just add charcoal….

4th of july 033

Boy, that looks like a hot job, turning the pork on those racks. The metal grill on each side is wired together, so no worries about dropping the meat.

4th of july 038

Does this make your mouth water?

4th of july 040

Oh, heavenly ham. Well, ribs, actually…

4th of july 042

And the pulling of the pork begins.

4th of july 062

And you know… If you stand by long enough taking pictures, they will probably offer to let you do a taste test. And it will taste wonderful.

4th of july 070

With the pork out of the way, on goes the chicken. I wish you could have smelled that chicken cooking.

4th of july 091

Oh, my!

4th of july 092


4th of july 093


4th of july 094

Better get in line.

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  1. Oh Yum! Looks like a wonderful time!!!

    Occasionally Hubby's uncle rents a rotisserie and buys a pig.. The sucker turns (with a motor!) in it all night, and by lunch or dinner or whenever, it's done. It's not a HUGE pig, by any means, but it is nearly WHOLE. :P Tasty though. :)


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