Monday, June 27, 2011

A Most Romantic Weekend…

purple flowers

A beautiful weekend get-away to a scenic state park, camping, hiking, fixing steak on a charcoal grill for a candle-lit picnic… That’s what I had in mind for our anniversary weekend. Getting away is awfully nice. Finishing sentences, relaxing, and enjoying time together is something we rarely get to do. So when our sitter couldn’t make it and the forecast called for rain, I was disappointed. I really wanted that romantic weekend.

Instead, we spent our anniversary at the kids’ Vacation Bible School Closing Program. I can’t say I was excited to give up spending the evening with my honey for this, but the entertainment was pretty good (wouldn’t have missed seeing the kids on stage) and the refreshments after the program were delightful. Then on the way home, the sun set through the clouds in a way that left sunlight streaming across the sky and the fields. My handsome honey took us all on a bit of a country ramble on the back-roads so that I could enjoy the sunset a little longer. Wish I had a picture of the sunlight streaming through the clouds behind that old grain silo… But there is a picture in my mind that I hope I’ll always remember.

We spent the rest of the weekend catching up around home and enjoying summer.  Eric was able to fix my washing machine, amazing the damage one little finish nail left in a pocket can do… My pocket, by the way! We went to the town square to listen to a great bluegrass band.We enjoyed an evening bonfire, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows.

Then, when I woke this morning with allergies so severe I could hardly breathe, Eric sent me on my way to the doctor instead of taking the kids hiking as we were hoping to do. I’ve struggled for months, as the severe flooding in our area has caused mold and mildew levels to be extremely high. One dark, dank room in our basement has been hit hard by the moisture and the mildew levels, too. In fact, cleaning that room is what triggered this last round of trouble.

And so, Eric spent this afternoon ripping the carpet from that musty room. For me. He gave up the things he had hoped for to do something important for me.

The weekend wasn’t what I wanted. He didn’t give me flowers or jewelry (probably a good thing since I’m not a roses or jewelry kind of gal). We didn’t get to have a romantic meal. We didn’t get away on our own for even an hour. I suppose I could be really bitter right now if I wanted.

But I look back and I see romance everywhere. He loves me. He takes me on silly sunlight chasing adventures. He loves me. He fixed my washer without a single cross word. He loves me. He braved the rain showers and the traffic to take all of us to a great local concert. He loves me. He cared for me when I was sick. He loves me. He ripped carpet from the room that has caused my severe allergies. There is no doubt, he loves me.

I’m still hoping to get some time away, just me and my handsome husband. It will be so nice when we do.

But for now, I know that romance doesn’t always include candlelight and fancy meals. Sometimes, romance is spending time roasting marshmallows with the man you love. I am thankful to be loved in such simple and amazing ways.

Thanks honey, for all that you do. Thanks for caring for me. Thanks for fixing my mistakes happily, cleaning up my messes, and hugging me when I’m down. And thanks for ripping up perfectly lovely but mildew filled carpet just to make me feel better. I love you, honey. It was a truly memorable and lovely weekend. :)

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  1. That made me cry! Jim is a lot like that...there aren't a lot of flowers, and little gifts but he says he loves me in so many better ways than buying things~! And as both of us know....that sure means a lot to a girl!


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