Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday!

~to me, and to my silly little blog~

scan0003Me, a long, long time ago….

I’m not getting any younger. If I’m going to go for it, it may as well be now. Nobody will read it anyway. 

And that was the beginning of Fur Lined Toilet Seats.

Somehow, a year has slipped by and I have shared over 200 posts here on my silly little blog. And some dear sweet folks even took the time to read them. A few even took the time to leave comments for me, encouraging me and sometimes sharing bits of their story. My blog has let me share my life with friends I’ve know for years. It has also allowed me to make new friends that I have never even met. What a great adventure!

I wouldn’t have kept going, sharing my thoughts and my life, if it hadn’t been for all you kind folks out there who stop by from time to time. Thank you for taking the time to be a part of my life. Thank you for your comments and encouragement. Thanks for laughing and crying with me. Thanks for sharing this adventure with me.

Thank you, so very much.


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  1. Happy Birthday!! I love your silly little blog ;)

  2. Happy Birthday, Fatima. I hope you have a very special day!!

  3. Such a cute little girl then and a beatiful person now with such a beatiful personality!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I hope it was wonderful and that you have a very blessed year ahead :)!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love your blog and I am so glad you share it.

  6. Happy Birthday to Fur Lined Toilet Seats! You should definitely share (again) how you came up with that title. Loved that story but would love to read it again. :)

    BTW, I know this visit is long overdue but I wanted to at least say thank you for stopping by Sofia's Ideas and welcoming our newest addition. Catch up soon...


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