Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

*A little side story for you today. Last Thursday’s thankfulness was sidetracked when I tried to post to my blog and the computer crashed, and not just a little crash. I was frustrated, worrying about pictures that may be lost and money that may need to be spent to replace a computer or hard drive. It was time to go shopping, so I loaded the crew into the van. On the way to town there were warning lights flashing at me in the dashboard (most long standing problems). You know, I got to feeling pretty sorry for myself.

At the first store, I did something rather out of character and bought the kids candy. At the second store I was not sympathetic to their pleas for some cookies. They were so heartbroken and quite ugly about it. I thought to myself (and may have reminded them out loud) that it did no good to act like a brat, crying because enough is never enough.

Then I got home to unload my groceries. I watched as the refrigerator filled near to bursting open. I carried lots of food stuff to the pantry and watched it fill up. Of course, it hit me and brought me to my knees then. I was the one who was acting like a brat. I may not have had a crying temper-tantrum on the outside, but on the inside I was pure ugly that day. We are so very blessed. I let a few small things distract me from all the blessings in my life for those hours. So, I’m back on track now, and very, very thankful.

Today, I’m thankful for some simple but wonderful things…

The food that fills my pantry.

The refrigerator full of milk and eggs.

The spinach growing in my garden.

Banana bread in the oven.

Finding thankfulness in my heart.


What are you thankful for today? I hope you’ll join in by leaving a comment or a link to your blog. It’s amazing how listing a few things that you are thankful for will change your attitude. ;)


  1. Thankful Thursday.....
    David is now driving to school (takes alot of stress of mom....kinda
    Have A pretty quiet weekend getting closer
    Jim went back to work this week
    and warmer weather is sooo close we can touch it!

  2. I'm Thankful for...

    Gorgeous spring weather

    Going to Disney World tomorrow and seeing my kids excitement

    Basketball games all day today and tomorrow

    Good health for my family

    My "surprise" baby who turns 2 on Sunday.

  3. 1) only 10 more weeks of getting everyone up too early to get them where they need to be
    3)the beginnings of a new deck
    5)girl scout cookies


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