Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today, I’m counting my blessings and sharing them with you. Hope you’ll do the same and share your blessings in the comments.


Today, I’m thankful for…

Warmer weather and kids playing in the woods again.

Clothes hanging on the line.

The crocus, daffodils, and herbs that are beginning to grow in my flower beds.

The kids’ help in cleaning out the garden yesterday.

The seeds planted in my raised bed that will soon become spinach and lettuce!


Dan in woods Mary in woods

late winter nature 017 late winter nature 005


  1. The sun is showing its pretty face
    My Hubby is starting to feel better
    Today feels much calmer than yesterday..already!
    Today is a day closer to the weekend!

  2. 1) my dad has a new baby calf at his farm and we get to go see it today!
    2) birds chirping
    3) sunshine
    4) Date night with the hubby tomorrow

  3. Answered prayers, a happy hubby that I get to spend time with every day, a boss that respects me and listens to my ideas, a boss I can respect and talk to, new opportunities and happiness. :)

    God and Life are good. Love ya sis!


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