Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Guilty Pleasure

late winter nature 054

Wednesday nights are my guilty pleasure. Honestly, I do feel guilty.

I send my husband and my four littles off to church on their own while I stay at home or go do some grocery shopping.

I’m terrible, don’t you think?

There’s a part of me that really wants to go along and find a great bible study to join. The folks at our church are really terrific and I love learning with them. I know that I’m missing out on some great stuff.

I guess when it comes down to it, I know that I can serve God and my children better if I take this night to recharge a bit. I hate to call it “me-time,” because that brings to mind someone going to get a pedicure and buy a purse. Not that I’d mind doing those things (or going for a haircut without taking along the four kids for that matter), that just isn’t what happens here on Wednesday nights.

Eating a bowl of chili in front of the computer before I go off to hang up the massive amounts of laundry I took off the line this afternoon just can’t be described as “me-time.”

late winter nature 055

Really, it’s just “nobody needs me right now time.”

It’s awfully nice.

I’m a lot nicer for having had a little of this time to myself, too.

Even Jesus went off by himself from time to time to think and pray. No surprise that I would need an hour or two to myself on occasion.

Everyone needs a bit of time alone. A little “nobody needs me right now” time.


Now, off to do the laundry.

Hope you’ll leave me a message and share how you find a few minutes to yourself. Do you ever feel guilty for it?


Oh, and by the way… I am not suggesting that you quit going to your Wednesday Night Bible Study. ;) This is just the only thing we have found that works for us at the moment. Hopefully this isn’t how it will be forever, but it is how it is for now.  And that’s all I have to say about that. ;P


  1. Fatima,

    It was so nice meeting you have such beautiful children and seem like such a well grounded family. God has truly blessed you and it is so nice to know that there are other homeschooling families near by. The "fur lined toilet seats" makes more sense now after reading your blog. I had a blog might just inspire me to get back to it! I plan to go to the Palmyra library next week as well as it worked out with our schedule so well. I hope to see you and your precious kiddos there.

    God Bless,
    Rachel Casabella

  2. I've read recently a few blog posts oppsed to Moms taking 'me-time'. I found them rather disheartening because although I pretty much would always prefer to be with my family, the times that I get out on my own are SO regenergizing! I don't think that speaks of my lack of commitment to my family but to the reality that EVERYBODY needs alone time sometimes! The other blogs I read left me feeling somewhat guilty although I think (and hope) they were addressing the issue of Moms who try to pawn their kids off every chance they can get to have regular alone time at the cost of their family's well being. Anyways, I just wanted to say the point you made about how even Jesus needed to go off on His own sometimes was very helpful!

  3. Thanks. Sometimes I feel like I need time alone. I seldom get it. But I do try to make the best of the time I may get without interruptions when everyone else is busy doing their own thing.

  4. I think 'me time' is very important. We have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. I know I'm a better mom when I've had some time to recharge. Sometimes I have to lock myself in the bathroom after Garrett gets home to get some alone time. Luckily I keep a book in the bathroom;) I try to go out alone at least once a week. If I go longer than that I feel like I'm snapping at the kids and losing my temper more. I go to dinner with friends, go to Target or sometimes it's just the grocery. Occasionally, I love to take my book and go to Panera Bread to eat. Also, once a week I try to take a nice bubble bath after the kids go to bed.

  5. To save gas, and sometimes sanity, I've taken to hauling into town with my kids and Hubby when he has music practice at church. If I'm lucky, he will let all the kids stay and play, and I can go get some shopping done without dealing with carseats approximately 16 times. :) I truly, TRULY love it when I can do this! I'm hoping tonight works out, because I have a long list of errands! :)


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