Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Little Man

I love this little guy, my little Cowboy Dan.

Cowboy Dan picking flowers

He picks me the most fascinating bouquets.

Then, he sticks them in his back pocket while he tucks in his shirt.

Dan w flowers in his pocket 

I couldn’t resist this picture. It’s a momma thing.

I just have to remember to clean out his pockets before I wash those jeans…


Hoping this brings you a smile, like it did me! :)


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  1. Gorgeous photo! I love the way little one's gather up the most ordinary little things and with their love and attention, turn them into beautiful 'bouquets'.

  2. aww, I love it. everyday, my oldest and only boy comes home from school with a card he made me. Tears me up every time

  3. LOL! I've found some CRAZY things in my kids pockets...and not always in time.

    Love this picture!

    Sophisticated Steps

  4. oh so cute! (visitng from Laura's Link party) :)

  5. those pics are flippin' darling * what a sweet little cowboy u have there ;)

  6. I love it! I can see you bringing out this photo for his wedding day :)

    Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club - I hope you'll link up again in April

  7. He is adorable, what a cute little cowboy you have there :) Stopped over from the Post of the Month Club and really glad I did. Have a good weekend!

  8. Calling by from Happy Homemaker UK as participating in Post of the Month and really enjoying meeting everyone else and reading their favourite posts. Very cute photos of your little man.


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