Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday

**Okay… so I’m a bit sleep deprived… I posted this a day early!  Oh, well.  That’s life.  Hope you’ll share anyway!  ;)

Today, I’m thankful for…


Slow moving days, and no place to be.

Tylenol and Ibuprofen for my little one’s fever.

A nice, warm woodstove and shelter from the storm.

The sun peeking through the clouds, shining through the snowflakes.

Coffee and whipped heavy cream.


What makes you happy today?  I’m thankful for God’s simple blessings…



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  1. I am thankful for electricity and gas to power and heat my house!
    I am thankful we did not get ice before our 17 inches of snow!
    I am thankful for movies and popcorn to enjoy with my kiddos while we are snowed in!
    I am thankful for generous people who welcomed my husband into their home so he would not have to spend the night stranded in his office!
    I am praying that my husband can make his way safely home soon!

  2. I am thankful that my baby is getting ear tubes on Friday. I am thankful for a warm house. I am thankful for cinnamon almonds and banana muffins!

  3. On a day like this, I am thankful:

    ..for technology that allows me to work from home.
    ..I have place to work that allows me to stay home.
    ..that it just happens to be my husband's day off!
    ..for the smell of homemade cinnamon bread.
    ..for cozy blankets to sit on my couch with and read my Bible.
    ..for technology that allows me to check on my kids that are far away and know they are safe.
    ..for the smell of wood smoke.
    ..for space heaters that help when the wind is too much for the wood stove.
    ..for blessings too numerous to list.
    ..for friends like the Scotts. I love you guys!
    -Gina H

  4. In honor of it actually being Thursday ;) (I didn't even notice yesterday Fatima :)), I need to add another one..or two:

    I am thankful that Gabe made it home from work just fine.
    I am thankful for the great neighbors who helped me clear the driveway of the mountains of snow with their snow blower so Gabe could get in when he got home.

  5. I am thankful that even though it makes things more stressful from time to time that I have people in my life that need me. Better than being alone. :)

    I am thankful for 3 year old neck hugs and for syrup kisses.

  6. I have a lot to be thankful for this week. Thank you Fatima for asking us to share.

    Check out my post at


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