Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I Miss About Spring…

~A Mid-winter’s Dream


The sun shining brightly in a clear blue sky.

My shoulders feeling it’s warmth as I clean out the flower beds.


The little green shoots of the daffodils, the crocus, and the tulips,

As they push up through the earth, despite the snow.


The tree limbs, heavy with buds just waiting to unfold.

The darkening of the horizon that comes before the burst of green.


That peculiar smell of growth and warmth.

The clean freshness of a warm spring rain.


The curtains in my kitchen windows,

Blowing in the breeze.


The first of the pretty purple violas,

Peeking through the grass.


Bare feet and kids at play.

Clothes hanging on the line, dancing in the sun.


Planting the first seeds and seeing them grow.

Cute little calves playing in the fields.


Girls in pretty, flowery dresses.

Boys, itchy, wearing their ties.


Cute baby chicks, just a day old.

Pretty pastels, and bright green grass.


Oh Spring, won’t you hurry!?

Please come fast!



~What are you missing about spring?  Hope you’ll share, too!  :)

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  1. I miss being able to throw the kids in the car and not having to worry about socks and coats.


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