Monday, January 31, 2011

What We Learned This Week

~coming Saturday, a linky party for sharing the fun of learning


What I love most about teaching are those fun moments when learning happens in very real ways.  You know, that lesson that really worked or the lesson that just happened.  The lesson that made the kids want to know more (or the teacher for that matter).  The lessons where their eyes light up and they want to keep on working right through snack time. 

So, I am wondering if any of my home school or teacher friends might like to join the fun this Saturday and share those wonderful teachable moments.  You can link up a post from your blog (past or present) or you may leave a comment to share your fun teaching experience.

So, this is your official invitation. 


You are invited!

It’s going to be fun,

Sharing what we’ve done!

So save the date, and don’t be late!

Saturday is the Linky Party,

come show why you are such a smarty!

p.s.  Hope to see you there….

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