Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sam' 090

My littlest little is a big boy now.

Two.  Really?  How did that happen?!

Sam' 076

The carrot cake was home-made with four, yes, four cups of carrots in the recipe.  It was so moist, I was almost too afraid to decorate it.

The puppy cookies are so easy!  Look close and you’ll see an upside down heart for the face, a small heart for the nose, and a medium sized heart cut in half for the ears.  They eyes are a bit of icing and a chocolate chip that was inserted upside-down.  They were so cute we had a hard time eating them.

Sam' 079

Could be that the kids and I went a little overboard with the cookie making, but we sure had fun. 

Sam' 066

I was maybe a little bit hopeful that he would like this gift the most.  Yup, those are what you think they are… big-boy underwear.

I’m not sure why helping me put them away after we washed them made such an impact on the little guy, but it sure did.  He looked up with those big blues of his and said, “Underwear.  Stay dry.  Like Danny.”

Ummmm… Okay, why not.  Right?  So we went for it and found that he’s a determined and independent little man.  He only needed one change all day long.  Can you believe that?! 

So, we are crossing our fingers and counting our blessings that our family’s 7 1/2 year diaper habit is drawing to a close, sooner rather than later. 

I’m not sure what happened. Somehow, just like that, he’s a “big boy.”  Really.  I guess all it took was blowing out two pretty little candles.

And yes, I know this is just the beginning of potty training and he’ll have his share of accidents and set-backs.  Still, it’s so nice to celebrate the successes!

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  1. Happy birthday, Sam! Hey, Momma. Would you share your carrot cake recipe? I'm always trying to "hide" veggies for Connor.


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