Monday, January 31, 2011

One Hundred

What an accomplishment, 100 days of school!

This calls for fun.  This calls for celebrating.  This calls for fun projects done while still wearing our jammies.

100 012

This calls for the kind of cereal this “mean momma” never buys. 

100 021

Sorted by color and strung on some floss in groups of ten…

100 035

Before you know it, there are one hundred pretty little “beads” on each necklace.

100 039 100 037

Count them by ones, count them by tens.  Count them all the way to 100!

100 026

Wear your necklace with a smile and eat 100 pretty “beads” while celebrating the One Hundredth Day of School!


  1. Too fun!! We are almost there, I haven't decided how to celebrate yet though :). Might have to add this to the list of possibilities!

  2. YAY!! I will have to remember this for next year

  3. I Love this idea. We took a few breaks this year. We will have 100 days next Friday. I think I might steal this idea. It looks like fun. unfortunately my son is allergic to the dye in that cereal. I will have to brainstorm a replacement.

  4. How neat!

    Is it weird that I have *no idea* how many days of school we have done? What about those days where math and penmanship are the only 'official' things that get done? Do they even count? :)


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