Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Lil’ Bit of Organization for Littles

Things have gotten quite sideways here at the FLTS house.  December was hard on us.  Very hard!  So, we are getting back on track.  All of us.

I stayed up a bit late the other night creating this.

Chores 003

The kids were struggling to take care of their own responsibilities.  I was getting aggravated with reminding them of the what to do at what time of the day. 

We’ve tried more detailed charts, but they just don’t provide for much flexibility.  We  need flexibility.

This one really works for us.  It is simple.  It has pictures for my non-readers.  It isn’t altogether done, but it’s a great start. 

I’d like to add pockets or pegs to the chores part and make up picture cards for often done chores.  A girl only has so much time, so for right now we are using yellow post-its.  It works.



Chores 001


The first part of our chart contains our regular morning routine.  I took pictures of the kids so that even my 3 year old could “read” the chart.





Chores 004

It’s been a big help to me, at the cost of a few pictures, some scrapbook paper, and a bit of my time. 

The kids are learning to be more independent and I am not losing my voice reminding them of the jobs they need to finish. 

How do you keep things running in your house, day to day?



Do you have some great ideas to share?  A blast from the past from your blog, perhaps?  I’m going to try to let you link up (my first linky party ever!) your great “Little Organization Ideas.”

Keep it family friendly and on topic, of course.  Have fun!


  1. Fatima, I posted the one and only post I have ever done about children and organization. And it ain't that helpful!! I am the least organized ever, so I have been reading all these posts religiously so that I can steal everyone's ideas. BTW, your little charts are perfect.....

  2. This is great! I made similar things when my eldest were diagnosed with autism - using pictures of them actually doing the activities really helped them. They thrived on structure (and still do) so having a picture schedule was crucial for them early on. I used velcro on all the cards for the different activities of the week (therapies, etc). Also, we used PECS to help our daughter to re-learn how to speak.

    I dont think I have a post dedicated to what we do now, but I know I've mentioned it a few times on my blog. I think that children with special needs could really benefit from what you've done here! :) Fantastic!


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