Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Got a Minute?

I have a favor to ask.  It’s not a big favor, but it sure is important.

For the past ten months or so, I’ve been following along and praying for a sweet, tough little boy.  He’s a cool little guy, about 14 months old now, and he’s fighting a terrible enemy.  Cancer.  His mom is a friend of a friend.  I feel like she’s a sister ‘cause I love her little guy (who I’ve never actually met) so much. 

They are in a battle right now.  They could sure use all the prayers they can get.

Will you take a couple of minutes to hop over to Cassie’s blog.  Read just a little about her special little man.  Say a prayer.  Maybe two.  They need all of us fighting this battle with them.  Hope you’ll join in.

The Sartins


Thanks so much. 


  1. you are such a incredible person,partially because of how much you think of others! This little boy is lucky to have people out here like you who have ever met him praying and begging God for his healing! Praying for baby Sam~!!!!

  2. I read Cassie's blog frequently....Cassie is also a friend of a friend of mine....I'm sure I've probably even seen her and Sam in Mt Washington before....it's not like this is a big town. I pray for Sam all the time and I keep praying for him to be healed and continued progress. He's such a cutie!


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