Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Falling Snow and No-Bake Cookies

We woke up to a winter wonderland today.  The kids wasted no time getting ready for the day and finishing some chores.

Kids at Schoen's and in the Snow 035

Three inches of fluffy, easy to pack snow makes for a lot of fun.

Kids at Schoen's and in the Snow 033

Kids at Schoen's and in the Snow 034

Kids at Schoen's and in the Snow 037

Coming back into the house is bitter-sweet.

Kids at Schoen's and in the Snow 045

Mostly, sweet.

Kids at Schoen's and in the Snow 047

As in hot chocolate and warm no-bake cookies.  Very sweet.

~Dedicated to my handsome honey who is working hard instead of being here playing in the snow with us.  We miss you and promise we will save you a cookie or two…  Just don’t be too late getting home.  I can only protect the cookies for so long.


The Best No-Bake Cookies Ever

1/2 cup butter, the real stuff

1 cup peanut butter… don’t measure it, just glop it in the pan and then be sure to lick the spoon

1/2 cup cocoa, don’t scrimp on the cocoa ‘cause chocolate is good for you

1/2 cup milk

2 cups sugar

Stir in a large pan on medium heat until the mixture boils for about one minute.  The longer they boil the harder they will set-up, so don’t over do it.

Take the pan off the heat and add a good amount of vanilla, at least a teaspoon.

Now, add 3 cups oats.  Stir it and then scoop out the cookies onto waxed paper.  Be sure to eat them before the get too cool.  They taste best warm on a spoon while drinking a large glass of very cold milk.

Save the rest of the cookies in a covered container after they cool and harden a bit.

Hide two or three in another container to eat after the kids are in bed.  Gotta have a secret stash!



  1. Looks like fun. I wish I could have been there.


  2. I was just wondering, which state are you from? You know I LOVE your site and I'm following...I would also LOVE a follow-back...if you don't mind!



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