Saturday, December 18, 2010

Midnight Stress Fest

It’s the middle of the night, and I’m still awake.  I am not a sufferer of insomnia, nor am I a night owl.  I did not just come in from a celebration.  Fact is, I’m doing what I had promised myself I wouldn’t do this year.  I’m stressing over Christmas. 

My plan was to celebrate Christmas.  You know, the birth of Jesus.  I had really hoped to keep the gift giving simple this year.  So, why can’t I do that?!

I’ve been working steadily on Christmas gifts since September.  The gifts we chose are thoughtful, needful, good things.  They are simple gifts made or purchased with the hope that they will bring joy or usefulness to the one who receives them.  They are not over the top or particularly extravagant. 

As Christmas draws nearer, I’m so filled with anxiety over these gifts.  Will the gifts be appreciated?  Will they be loved?  Will the person who receives them know of the love that went into each stitch, paint stroke, or pixel?  Will the recipients of the handmade gifts feel cheated because they didn’t get a “real” gift? 

I know Christmas isn’t just about the gifts I give, but the gift God gave to all of us.  What kind of love must it take to give the gift God gave!?! 

Jesus was an amazing and perfect gift.  A gift of truth, life, joy and love. 

Yet many people rejected him.  Many people still do.

He wasn’t the gift the people expected.  He wasn’t particularly flashy.

Still, the gift was given out of love.  Though many didn’t see it, the gift was perfect.  The gift God gave was very extravagant. 

I sure do hope that my friends and family see the love that went into the gifts I’m giving this year.  More than that, I hope they see the love that went into the perfect Christmas gift.  That’s the gift that matters.

I can go to sleep now.  Finally. 

Thanks for helping me clear this all up.  :)



  1. I am sure they will love what you made for them. Anything that comes from the heart means alot. Thanks for helping me to remember the real reason for the season.

  2. Things that come from the heart are so much more apreciated than "real" gifts by so many! Or at least they should be! Don't be so hard on your gifts I am betting all that receive will realize how lucky they are!!!

  3. What a beautiful post Fatima. So beautifully expressed. I'm glad you got to sleep!

  4. I love handmade gifts. I also understand the doubt you can have, while making them or waiting for the person to open the gift that you so specially made for them. I hope everyone absolutely love the gifts you made this year.


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