Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Romantic Flowers

It may sound silly to some ladies who love roses and fancy floral arrangements, but I truly prefer wildflowers.  I’ve been know to pull the car over to the side of a country road to pick a bouquet of daisies or Brown-eyed Susans.  Honeysuckle makes me smile, too.
So I hope you’ll understand just how much it means to me that my honey mows around the wildflowers on our place.  Yeah, it may look like he missed a big patch of weeds to some folks.  To me, it is love.  My little girls like it too.
Today, the kids picked the daisies for me.  I added some herbs from my garden.  If you look close, you’ll spot lavender, oregano, thyme, tarragon, rosemary and one sprig of salvia from the flower bed. 
Roses could never mean as much to me as my little patches of wildflowers.  Thank you, my love.


  1. You know I love pretty roses but I also love wild flowers and Honeysuckle! When I smell them I just smile a big "summer" smile!

  2. I linked this post on 30 Days so I could share some pretty flowers with Becky. Keep fighting and we'll keep praying.

  3. That is sooo sweet! Thanks for linking up to my pity party again! xo, Mique


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