Monday, June 28, 2010

Bambi In My Backyard

I got a big surprise on Friday as I was hanging out the laundry.  There was a big commotion involving our calf and some crazy sounding animal.  After a quick head count of the kiddos, I investigated and found this.


She was scared and couldn’t hop over our fence.  I don’t know how she got in there in the first place, but she was pretty determined to get out.  With no deer momma in sight, I was a bit worried but figured we would just catch the calf and then leave the gate open.  She’d find her way our eventually.


But then, she decided to mosey on up to the front edge of the fence that borders our back yard.  I was able to walk right up to where she was and snap a few pictures.  Once I was that close, I realized she had a pretty big gash from trying to escape the fence and was in bad shape.

Not knowing what to do to help this little deer, I called our local sheriff's office and asked for a message to be relayed to a conservation officer.  I waited and watched the little deer resting in our pasture.

When the officer got to the house, he did a quick check of our little friend.  Then, he gave me the bad news that the deer was in bad shape and all the rehab facilities are full.  He had two options.  First, he would try to get the deer out of our pasture and set it free to live or die.  The cycle of life, don’t you know.  Coyotes have to eat, too.  If he couldn’t get the deer free, he would need to end it’s suffering. 

I went back into the house to check on the kiddos and filled them in on the baby deer.  I didn’t hold any information back, nor did I go into any gruesome details.  This is life.  It is a lesson, not always easy to learn.  Sarah said to tell the officer that she has super powers and band-aids.  She’d be glad to help.  Gotta love that.  We all watched the progress with hope that the deer would get to be freed and given a chance at healing and life.

The officer, (bless his heart, ‘cause it was so very hot that day) chased the deer all around our pasture.  For such a hurt little thing, she sure had a lot of spunk.  Finally, she was just worn out.  She let the officer lead her gently to the gate.


And away she went.


She’s there, you just have to look hard because she really blends in. 

And the kids cheered and thanked the officer for a job well done.

The end.

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  1. Wishing the little dear luck in his/her journey, whatever the good Lord holds in his/her future.


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