Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Authentic Learning Experiences

I love when learning happens in very real ways.

A guest speaker, Gray Eagle, came to speak to at our kids’ Homeschool Academy (it’s a wonderful group that meets for classes once a week) on Monday. It was fun watching them learn about Native American culture in our state.

early fall 038

Later in the week, we had a field trip to a local apple orchard.

early fall 074

We went with great friends from the homeschool academy.

early fall 075 early fall 092

We learned how apples get picked, processed, and packaged and make their way to our fridge.

And my boy held hands with a girl… Ahem…

early fall 094 early fall 095

Later in the week, we had a special visitor in our front yard.

early fall 098

Eastern Box Turtles are protected around here. They are a rare sight in our yard.

early fall 102

The kids watched the turtle and gently patted it’s back. I did not allow them to pick it up or move it in any way. These are special slow movers, so after a brief visit we hurried the kids back inside to watch from the living room window as it went on it’s way.

A little later, I pulled out this lovely apple crate that I bought when we were on our field trip to the orchard.

early fall 104

Mary wanted to help me paint it, so I turned over the jar of milk paint and my foam brush. Look at that concentration!

early fall 109

She did a lovely job, learning to paint and watch for drips. I now have a lovely crate to store our bonfire supplies (candles, tablecloth, paper plates, etc.).

And while we did not “do” homeschool this week while my honey was on vacation, we enjoyed some of the very best kinds of lessons!

Learning from real life experiences, making amazing memories, and having fun all the way… That’s my kind of learning!

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