Friday, May 13, 2011

Milk Paint and an Old Wooden Box

Remember this?

rock pile 009

Yeah, I know. It’s an old wooden box. My mom brought it to me to use as a step up onto my too high front porch. Turned flat, it would have served very well for a time.

But I just couldn’t do that to this old, serviceable box. It looked like it could be something more.

rock pile 049

A good scrub got rid of the grime and the dead bugs.

And then… It sat around and waited for me to get a few free hours.

milk paint 026

I was so glad when my handsome honey brought this lovely Milk Paint home. Those are my two favorite colors, a deep red and an old fashioned green similar to the paint on my potting bench.


The paint comes in a powder form. Just add water. It really is that simple. I mixed up a small batch to test it out.

milk paint 022

I wiped the dust away with a damp cloth and got busy painting.

milk paint 017

I love how the grain of the wood shows through the paint.

milk paint 027

The paint dries a bit lighter and looks a bit dull, but we’re not finished yet.

milk paint 006

A block of wood and a bit of sandpaper helped me to rough up the edges, true to it’s found in the barn past.

milk paint 010

Pretty but still not done.

milk paint 012

An old rag and some linseed oil added a bit of shine.

   milk paint 016

Now imagine this 5 inch deep box, hung on my kitchen wall (it will be soon). The dividers will serve as shelves, just deep enough for a photo frame or some pint jars of apple butter or strawberry jam.

Not too bad for an old box.


  1. You are so crafty! I love it and I am totally jealous. So neat and useful!

  2. I love it!!!! You are so handy! now I can't help but wonder.... HOW ARE YOU GETTING ONTO YOUR TOO HIGH FRONT PORCH??? hahaha.. And I love your potters bench. Can I move in with you? LOL

  3. It's beautiful.
    I want one now, though I would probably paint it a different color.

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  5. This looks great! Heard of milk paint but never seen it used, thanks for sharing.

  6. Excellent job!! I am going to try my first hand at Milk Paint. but have to order it first. I have found an old child's rocker and an old bench that I am starting with for my first ever project. Hope they turn out well. What is the color of Milk Paint that you used on your potting bench? I think you said old fashion green??? Thanks bunches & God Bless, Jerika
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