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Saturday Show and Tell

Here’s a chance to share how your kids learn. Homeschool families, Sunday School teachers, school teachers, preschool teachers… If you help a child learn, link up and share!

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The rules are simple…

  1. Anyone who teaches children may join in. Mothers, homeschoolers, preschool teachers, classroom teachers, Sunday-School teachers…. Please don’t share photos of children without parent permission.
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So this week at the FLTS Academy…

We survived our first week back to the books.

back to school 032

Sometimes, and especially when the laundry pile is as tall as me, I wonder why we do this crazy thing. Are we gluttons for punishment?

Truly, my house fell apart this week. We have sticky floors in the kitchen and the bathrooms are not fit to talk about. Honestly, that stuff is pretty normal around here. I struggle to keep up on a good day. This week, the mess has grown to proportions that make me want to pull my hair out and cry.

The kids are tired, too. School only lasts during the morning hours, yet it has managed to wear my children out so much that they are ready for be an hour earlier than normal.

And oh, dear goodness… I am exhausted. I just asked my handsome honey to please, oh, please, do bedtime tonight and let me have just a little time all by myself. I just want to be alone. Just for a bit. You know, I rarely get a bathroom break alone. I Just Want To Be ALONE. Twenty minutes ought to do it. And maybe a hot bath… and a glass of blackberry wine… and chocolate.

It’s pretty overwhelming. And then, I look back and see all the good that came from the week.

School has been wonderful.

Our new curriculum has been fun, yet challenging. We went with Singapore Math this year and I like it quite well so far. We also like Explode the Code, another new workbook we are trying out. I think I started Danny (Grade 1) out too easy, but the “Getting Ready for the Code” has been perfect for Sarah (Pre-K). Mary (G-3) is loving the literature based study of American History. This week she read a book about life in the time of Pocahontas and began making a model of Fort James. The kids give the school experience a 9 out of 10 on the fun factor. I’ll take that.

We visited the academy the kids will be attending one day per week. I must say, I am very impressed and excited about getting to be a part of such a lovely group. The kids have their backpacks ready, as the first day of classes is coming up on Monday!

On Wednesday, I started a group page on facebook for area homeschoolers. I must say, we live in about as small a town as you can get and still be a town. Already, we have 9 families signed up to join our little group. I am amazed and excited and overjoyed. 

Our family even had our first official field trip of the year. Today, we headed out to a state park for a class on identifying animal remains. Really cool, really fun. There were several homeschool families there and I see some cute little friendships forming between the kids in the class already.

pictures from phone 098 pictures from phone 096 pictures from phone 097

And so, I’m glad we get to share all this good stuff. Maybe you could just avoid the bathroom if you come over for a visit. I did get the tub clean, though. Think I’ll go put it to use!

If you haven’t already shared a link to your blog, I hope you will. If you don’t have a blog, then it’s time to get one! It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s lots of fun to share! Last week, a friend of mine even shared a link to her page on Facebook. If all else fails, I hope you’ll leave a comment and tell us about the fun you are having learning with your littles. Can’t wait to see the fun ways you are learning.


Learning is fun.

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  1. i love you because of your honesty. sometimes I feel like I am the only one who has a disaster for a home. and I try,I hate it when people look at me like I don't. I started the kids each morning with 10 "fun" pages of seatwork. This buys me an hour to straighten up.


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