Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today, I’m thankful for…

An answer to the mystery of the missing bike.

A little boy, no longer searching for his lost love… aka his bike.

Good neighbor parents who discovered a bunch of bikes hidden in their woods, interrogated their young boys, and made the boys return the bikes they stole.

My husband’s bike (we didn’t know was missing) is back in the barn.

My little boys bike… well, they are still looking for it. But at least we know where to look now.

Here’s to good neighbors, doing the hard thing and teaching their little boys a lesson I’m sure they’ll never forget. Here’s to my little boy, who is working on forgiveness…

The boy and the bike, way back when it still had training wheels… two whole years ago.


Blessings sometimes come in crazy forms. Hard to recognize, they are blessings, nonetheless.

Hope you’ll look for blessings today, too. And if you like, please share a few of your blessings in the comments. :)


  1. Hm, let's see..

    √little ones who come running for kisses on their owies
    √afternoon storms and cooler temps
    √online banking
    √local farmer processing and selling ice cream in a storefront downtown
    √being able to see my living room floor and furniture, instead of laundry
    √dyson vacuums
    √neem oil

  2. A great day working from home!
    Whirlpool is sending someone out tomorrow to fix my washer free of charge!
    3 gallons of fresh picked grean beens!
    all the fresh produce from the garden!
    Some long talks today with some good friends!
    Very good day!

  3. McDonalds Sweet Tea
    A free Reptile night downtown
    Hand me down outfits from generations past

  4. Peaches
    Dirty Dishes covering the kitchen
    New Babies

  5. The boys found my Danny's bike! They brought it back last night... Oh, the joy on my boy's face as he rode it down the driveway, locked up the brakes, and left a huge skid mark. :)


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