Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Stinky Day

My flower bed is looking nice….

Party ~ Scones ~ Skunk 029

This little guy thought so, too!

Party ~ Scones ~ Skunk 031

Just how old do skunks need to be before they can spray?

Party ~ Scones ~ Skunk 027

And just how do you go about asking his age?

Party ~ Scones ~ Skunk 034

And what would I do if I didn’t have a fearless husband to chase him away?

Party ~ Scones ~ Skunk 032

And what will I do if the skunk comes back? Does it think my flower bed is a cozy home sweet home? What if my honey isn’t here to rescue me?!

Party ~ Scones ~ Skunk 035

Yes, little skunk… Stay in the woods. And tell all your friends to stay there, too.

Ummm…. And just so you know….
Photos were taken with a zoom lens as I squealed and hid on top of the kids’ swing set.
And wondered if skunks can climb….


  1. i loathe rodents as well. especially opposums!!

  2. Maybe he was looking for food. I hope he didn't find any that he liked cause he will return if he did. You may want to be sure it can't get into your chicken pen as well, they like eggs.

  3. They like chickens too, if they're (the skunks) are big enough! Yikes!

    I'll tell you what you do: .20 gauge. From a distance, when he's downwind. :D

    Actually my husband shot one *in* the doghouse once (the dog was, like you, squealing and standing afar off :D ). Amazingly, it did NOT stink. I don't know if the bullet (I forget what he used, but it wasn't the shotgun) just didn't hit the stink glands, and he never sprayed, or what. I was sure we'd need a new doghouse, but apparently not!

  4. I can't believe our luck! That silly skunk decided to eat one of our chicken eggs and then curl up in the five gallon bucket/nesting box. A lid on the nesting box and a trip to my mom's farm and we are happily less one skunk! :)


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