Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Little Cowboy Turns Six

Have you ever seen such a cute little cowboy?

cowboy dan

He had the best birthday party ever.

danny's 6th b-day 047

It was a great cowboy cookout, In The BARN! Do you understand the excitement that comes from partying in the barn?!

cake table

His momma kind of enjoyed this year’s theme, too! I love decorating with red, white and blue, lots of bandannas, and straw bales. My kind of party…

danny's 6th b-day 050

The meandering path got some use by our little cowboys and cowgirls.

danny's 6th b-day 083 

And Sarah did a little fashion design with the left over tissue paper from the gifts.

danny's 6th b-day 098

My mom contributed these cool candle holders for the tables. She used old glass jars, cut out cowboys, modge podge, and some old electric fence wire. Very cute. Ummm…. Mom…. You aren’t getting these back, you know?!

danny's 6th b-day 016

The fireflies were not cooperative during the party, but the kids did find quite a few potato bugs to put in their jars. And that made me very happy.

danny's 6th b-day 085

Who needs party games when you have big piles of gravel? I bet the bath water turned brown that night, but the kids had a great time!

danny's 6th b-day 104

The saw-horse rides were pretty popular, too.

It was simple. It was fun. And it was very good. Thanks everyone, for helping us celebrate Danny’s sixth birthday.


  1. Had A great time and I am sure Danny had a ball! You done a great job as usual! And a awseome cake as always! Love Ya girlie!

  2. What a cute idea! LOVE the theme!!!


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