Friday, June 3, 2011

Flashback Friday

We are living without something most folks see as necessity. By choice, we have been doing without air conditioning. Seems kind of crazy to a lot of folks, especially in our hot and humid summers.

It works for us, though. Our heating/cooling costs are down, we were able to save up money to build a small barn, and we are more adjusted and able to spend time outdoors.

It’s been a pretty neat experience.

Hope on over to this link to read more about going without air conditioning and see some tips for staying cool. Oh, and if you have any tips on beating the heat, hope you’ll share!


We picked the hottest June for our little experiment.  Really.  Our average high temps is 83.3 and our average low is 65.1.  This summer, It seemed like we hit at least 90 nearly every day and had many nights that didn’t dip below 75!  It had made our little no air conditioning experiment very difficult, to say the least.

No Air Conditioning!  Yeah.  For you northern folks, that may not mean much, but for us high humidity, hot summer southern folks not having a/c is nearly unheard of.  Some folks will even call you crazy to your face if you admit to living without a/c.  And you better watch out, or you’ll end up on a church benevolence committee report!  Just kidding, but we do have to make sure folks know we are doing this by choice and not by necessity…..   To read more, click here.

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