Friday, June 10, 2011

Back in the Swing…

We’re settling back in to life here at home after our short vacation.

Kids have slept late, napped, and finally are finding their old routines.

It was so nice to be away, enjoying family,
swimming, spending time just being together.

And somehow… This is nice, too.

It’s nice hanging the clothes on the line to dry.

It’s rewarding to weed the beans and corn
as the sun slips quietly behind the trees.

It feels good to clean the bathroom.

The kitchen is happy to be re-stocked with good food,
serving my family.

Our hens, the cow and our cat are all happy
to see my little ones playing in the yard.

It’s good to be home. So very good….

Trip to Des Moines 061

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  1. Oh yes... Home is good too. In fact, I think I put so much into building my life *here*, on this site, that I annoy the rest of them (not my husband or children) who want to go here and go there and recreate and adventure. I want my life HERE to be the adventure... :]


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