Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Little Monkeys…

Jumpin’ on the bed.

Bed crashed down

And Daddy said..

What were you thinking?

Momma just groaned.

The kids all cried,

Wailed and moaned.

The bunk-bed’s broken,

A mattress on the floor.

Don’t wanna look

Beyond that door!

What a lesson

We learned today,

‘Bout the right and

Wrong way to play!


*No children were harmed in the breaking of the bed, the anger of the parents, or the writing of this rather goofy poem. 

**Oh, and I feel better now.  :)


  1. Glad that there were no injuries.
    We had a similar situation with a crib/toddler bed a few years ago. The kids were playing boom-boom. Boom-Boom is where you jump up in the air and land on your buns on the bed. Somebody slept on the floor for awhile and we have never used another crib since then.

  2. Oh, a (bigger) cousin did that! However, up until that point, my kids were choosing to sleep *under* their beds. Broken slats pointing down made an end of that. We did away with the bunkbeds, and put 3 girls in the closet. We love it. :)

  3. Great news! The store where we purchased the bed has ordered a new bed for us. I called to see if there were any recalls on the bed, since it split down the side rail! The company is going to replace our bed with a hopefully better one. :) I'm very impressed with their service! For now, we have a mattress on the floor.


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