Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I started this blog as a sort of birthday present to myself, way back in April.  From the beginning, I have counted my blessings each (well, most…) Thursday and shared them here.  I don’t know why I decided to do this, but it’s been so amazing.  Most of the things I’m thankful for are simple.  The fresh asparagus in the spring, the planting of flowers in May, the silly antics of my littles.  You get the idea.  I guess it’s not always enough to know that you are thankful for these things.  Somehow, sitting down and putting those thoughts on paper makes the thankfulness different.  Deeper.  Before I knew it, the thankfulness began creeping into other week days.  Something so simple, but it has changed my attitude bit by bit.  Contentment has always been hard for me.  Some days it is still a struggle.  I still want.  I want, I want, I want.  But when I take this time to reflect on the many blessing that have showered down on me, I find strength to fight the selfishness.  I find greatness in the little things that are easy to miss.  I find joy, too.

So, thanks to all of you who take the time to read my silly little blog and indulge me by reading the crazy things that have made my week wonderful.  Thanks to those of you who have left a comment from time to time, sharing the things that you count as blessings.  You’ve made Thankful Thursday one of my favorite days of the week.

So this week, I’m thankful for…

Bowling with my family.

Enjoying our first full week of vacation with my handsome honey in years (except for vacation time taken when we had babies…that doesn’t count).

The Christmas tree is set up in the living room, ready for decorating this weekend.

Spending the night out with my sweet little girls, painting pottery and getting crafty.  I’m told this should be a yearly tradition.

That the Grandmothers of the family are so graciously hosting Thanksgiving, preparing yummy foods, opening their warm homes, and expecting no more from me than that I bring my sweet kiddos and a big appetite. 


So, now it’s your turn.  What blessings are you counting today?  Thanks so much for stopping by. 



  1. I'm thankful for:
    a wonderful husband who works very hard to provide for us.

    cuddling with my kids when they climb in our bed in the mornings (or middle of the night-whenever they decide to show up;)).

    for the smile on Harrison's face when mommy and
    daddy showed up for his preschool Thanksgiving feast. For his sweet and loving personality.

    for Audrey's big hugs and nonstop chatter when she gets off the bus and how she tells me on a daily basis that I'm the "best mommy ever":)

    For Ava's mischievous smiles and adventurous personality (even if it does exhaust me). And how she gives sweet hugs and holds my hand to take me and show me what she wants.

    For good friends.

  2. @Shannon... Thanks for sharing your blessings. Very sweet. Love that your kids climb into bed with you, too. I usually wake up with Sarah snuggled up right beside me. :)


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