Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So, Do You, Umm, Sell Fur Lined Toilet Seats?

No.  And then I laugh out loud when people ask me this question!  So, just in case you were wondering….

I’ll re-post this little explanation for those of you who are new to FLTS along with my thanks to all who have dropped by my silly little blog.  I’m really enjoying this!  Thanks for making it such fun. 


Grandma’s house, way back when…

My grandmother lived simply, in an old farmhouse with no indoor plumbing. We had rain barrels, a cistern, and a very nice spring a few miles away. And yes, an outhouse. When my mother and I moved from grandma's house into a new home (with plumbing), Grandma teased my mom about her "fur lined toilet seats."

This phrase helps me focus on keeping my priorities in order. It's so hard to balance the wants and needs of family, home, school, church and work. Sometimes, we just need to consider whether something is needed (such as a toilet) or if it is just icing on the cake (or fur lining on the toilet seat).

This blog will be a place for me to share the joy of our family's life as well as the adventure of living life with and sometimes without the fur lining. Hope you'll stop by every so often and tell your friends as well.

**Also thought I’d share some old pictures this time, seeing as how I finally figured out that I can use my copier to scan photos.  :)

scan0002 scan0004 scan0003

Grandma and my momma                  My pretty momma in her 20’s    Little ole me, eating a chocolate bunny


  1. Tima love the old pictures, I can see you and Jessy playing in the hay loft with your paint. Seems like it was such a short time ago.

  2. Fantastic! I love this explanation and the premise behind this!

    Thanks for coming by Sofia's Ideas and leaving such a great comment. I replied to it so if you get a moment, I hope you'll come back over & stay for a bit.

    So glad we found each other - I am your newest GFC friend. If you feel compelled, I hope you'll do the same! :)


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