Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear Readers,

I just can’t decide.  Much to Eric’s distress, I just can’t decide.  My antique cell-phone (it’s over 2 years old!) is giving out on me after an unfortunate accident at the beach this summer.  It has kinda worked since then and I’ve just been living with the persnickety buttons rather than visit the dreaded cell-phone store.  Since we are land-line free and having a working phone is terribly nice, I gave in last night, packed up the kids and a stroller or two and then headed to town get me a new phone.  After much time, many reminders to the kids to be quiet and not to touch everything, and tons of patience from a very nice saleslady, we came home without a new phone. 

It seems that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with technology.  I love my computer and it’s wonderful world wide web that allows me to read some really fun blogs and check Facebook too often.  I don’t know how we’d survive without a refrigerator or washing machine.  On the other hand, we heat our home with wood, do without air-conditioning (quite nicely I must add), and love hanging out the clothes to dry.  It would be so much easier if I could choose one path or the other, pioneer/homesteader or techno-geek. 

So, here’s the deal with the cell-phone.  I want my phone to be a great tool.  I love having a camera on my phone so I can catch those crazy moments that happen without warning and always when my regular camera is at home.  I love having a calendar on my phone and it’s lovely reminder that I need to be somewhere in fifteen minutes.  It would be great if my phone could be a mini, power packed tool and I know that this greatness exists.

So we looked at phones.  We looked at the plain Jane phones (there isn’t much to choose from in this category), we explored the “feature” phones and we glanced at the smart phones.  I’m just overwhelmed. 

All I really NEED is a phone.  I don’t do anything with my phone that truly justifies the cost and awesomeness of the fancier models.  But, they are so cool and nifty.  Why can’t they make a spiffy little cell-phone that has a few bells and whistles and a pretty look in the form of the base model?  Why can’t I be satisfied with the ugly, black, bulky looking flip-phone?  I think they do this on purpose so that I’ll buy that awesome palm or that purple blackberry and need to up my plan to include some time on the internet.  Next thing you know, I’ll be texting or *gasp* tweeting. 

So, what’s a girl to do?  Caught between my love of old-fashioned stuff and my enjoyment of the greatness of technology…  I’m holding out, nursing my old phone along and generally being stubborn.  Any advice?  Help a girl out!  Help my poor husband out, as I’m sure he just wishes I’d choose a stinking phone and be done with it at any cost.  What kind of phone do you love?  Is it worth the extra $$ to have the bells and whistles?  Perhaps I should just make the jump into the twentieth century.  Oops.. the twenty-first… right!? 

Yours Truly,

Indecisive Momma


  1. Can't help you with the phone decision. I have the same problem. Really would like one of those cool phones, but not sure if I really need one or want to pay the extra $ for one. I will pressure you on the twitter thing;) I LOVE twitter and I think you would too. Imagine all those blogs you like to read, you could follow them all on twitter too:)

  2. My husband has an i-phone. While it is cool sometimes it becomes a hindrance when it is used a little too much. We pay for the service and sometimes I think it costs too much. I have just a kind of plain cell phone (It think it has some kind of internet access that you pay for per whatever you do, its supposed to have a radio and I don't use either.) and it works great for my needs. It is a pretty color and it isn't a flip phone which I was concerned might be broken too easily. Since I am home the majority of the time I can use the internet service we have for our computers to do what ever I need online.

  3. I had to replace my cell phone a few months ago after I got tired of the face plate falling off all the time. I went with just a phone, which is harder and harder to find. For me I do not need or want the bells or whistles. I have a nice camera on my phone that I like to play with because it comes with special effects also.

  4. I hear you. I hate getting a new phone. I recently had to replace my phone and decided to get a basic one that has a camera. I didn't want to spring for the spendy data plan that was required for the more expensive phones (we have Verizon). It keeps me off the phone and with my little one more (otherwise I would be surfing the web every minute!).


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