Wednesday, October 6, 2010


To celebrate a blogging milestone…

Have you ever given yourself a birthday present?  I had wanted to start a blog for a long time, but kept putting it off because I thought it would be hard to get started (it wasn’t).  For some reason, my last birthday hit me kind of hard.  Thirty-three just wasn’t an easy number for me.  I think it was a mix of the knowledge that my baby-making days had come to an end (for medical reasons), the fact that the big 3-0 hadn’t hit me hard because it came one week before I delivered Sarah, and the fact that Jesus was 33 when he died.  It just seemed a good birthday number to make me stop and take stock of my life.  I decided that if I was ever going to begin a blog there was no time like the present.  So I jumped right in.

Tomorrow will make 6 months of blogging for me.  Saying that makes me feel like a silly school-girl with her first crush counting the days since a first kiss.  By the way, today makes fourteen years exactly since my handsome husband kissed me for the first time…  Ah, love.  :)  And I’m still feeling giddy every time he’s in the room. 


So, this post is my little thank you to all those folks who stop by the blog and see what craziness we’ve been up to.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you take the time to share in my family’s life.  I love sharing the good stuff of my life.  I love going back and looking at how the kids have grown (already) and seeing the neat stuff we have done.  I love having a place to share my silly thoughts about anything and everything.  And I love, love, love that you all take the time to visit and sometimes leave me a comment.

Thank you.  It means so much to me.

So here’s your chance to get a word in…  I’d just love it if you’d leave a comment today to introduce yourself.  If you are someone I know well, leave me a comment anyway and share whatever you would like.  I wish I had some kind of give-away to share, but I’m just not that organized yet.  Maybe for the one year blog-iversary…

Thanks again, everyone, for making this such a fun experience.  I should give myself birthday presents more often… ;)


  1. Hi, I'm Suanna. I found you via another web-site, but don't remember which one. I have a wonderful husband, of 7 years, and 4 heart warming children ages 6, 4, 3, and 7 1/2 months. We Homeschool and I love watching my children learn. I'm on a journey to become the best mom that God want's me to be.

  2. Happy Anniversary on both counts the first kiss~and the 6 months of blogging! I love reading them and how inspiring you are to everyone~! Love Ya Girlie!

  3. I found you recently off the Sartin's blog and have enjoyed sharing in your family. I am a homeschool mom of 5 and blog as a way to stay in touch with family and friends "back home".

  4. I've been friends with Allen and Paula McKinley for 25 years now. I remember hearing about you when you were a little girl. I remember praying for your dad, and it was exciting to hear about how God was working in his life. I have seven children ages 12 to 24 so I enjoy reading about your life with little ones still in the house. I so miss those days. Try not to ever wish them away because they go by so quickly. Lynne Vander Ploeg DSM, IA PS I loved your Grandma Betty!

  5. Congratulations! The milestones are fun.

  6. Thanks for the comments, everybody. It just makes my day!

    @Lynne... Someday, we're going to make it to Iowa and I hope we'll get to meet you! I've heard so much about you from Paula.


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