Friday, October 22, 2010

The Barn, Day 3


The roof was nearly done this morning before the sun climbed over the trees. 


Then, the trim and the sliding doors were going up.


And by early this afternoon, we had a barn.  It has two big sliding doors on the front, one on the back, a covered porch type area facing my garden, and two windows facing south.  We’re waiting for the supplies to get here for a clear ridge, which will also let in light.  Tomorrow, we’ll do some clean-up and begin moving some of our gardening tools and the tractor out of the garage!  I’ve never been so excited to clean the garage!


  1. I bet Danny hated to see them go!!!

  2. He was sad, but excited about checking out the new barn! He rode his bike down to check it out, leaving skid marks all the way. He has spent the last 3 days at the window watching the excitement. Maybe he'll eat, now that it's done! ;)

  3. That is awesome! I would be excited to clean out the garage too :), there is nothing better than organizing a new space and reclaiming and old one....even if it is just the garage!


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